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Haitians respond to Trump: "Here is what my shithole country looks like" INTERNATIONAL - "Here is what my shithole country looks like." The response of Haitians and Haitian-American came very quickly after Donald Trump's divisive outburst on Thursday, January 11th. Between photos of their island and testimonies of immigration, countless contributed to the thread.

Quickly after the publication of the article in the Washington Post, Mia Love, the first American-Haitian woman elected the the American Congress, shared on Twitter the history of her parents and qualified "as unkind, divisive and elitists" the words of Donald Trump, for which she demanded an apology.

"My parents are native of one of these countries but proudly made the oath of allegiance to the United States and accepted all the responsibilities coming with their American citizenship. They never took anything from our federal government. They worked hard, paid taxes, and started with nothing to take care of their children and offer them a better life. They taught their children to do the same. That's is the American dream."


Norway Renames Itself ‘Shithole’ In Solidarity with Countries Trump Insulted

(Oslo, Shithole) - After being singled out by President Trump as a preferable source of immigration compared to ‘shithole’ nations like Haiti and many countries in Africa, Norway has taken the drastic step of renaming itself to show it does not approve of such behavior.

Though acknowledging Norway was probably only singled out due to her being the last leader of a majority white country that Trump met with, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said it is important to make a statement that will be heard.

“We Norwegians are a pragmatic people who don’t much care what the country is called. If renaming it Shithole sends a progressive message of goodwill then that’s what being Norwegian is all about.”

After passing quickly through parliament and being approved by King Harald V, Norway will be known as Shithole as of noon CET (officially the Kingdom of Shithole), or Dritthull in Norwegian.

“If Trump wants us, we’ll be coming from Shithole.”



U.S. president reported to have disparaged Haitians and African countries

Aaron Wherry · CBC News - January 12, 2018

Former Canadian governor general Michaëlle Jean, who was born in Haiti, has condemned Donald Trump's reported derogatory comments about that country and unnamed African countries.

"Today, January 12, marks the commemoration of the earthquake that devastated Haiti eight years ago," Jean said in a statement, "and it was so disturbing this morning to hear President Trump's comments reported all over the news calling my poor native land, and African countries, 'shithole' nations.

"It is such an insult before humanity. For the First Representative of the United States of America to speak in such a manner is quite troubling and offensive."

An American diplomat was summoned and received at the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Published 1/13/2018¦ Le Nouvelliste

In reaction to the offensive words of the American president qualifying Haiti as a "shithole country," Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned on Friday, January 12th the American account manager in Port-au-Prince. Antonio Rodrigue spoke to the diplomat Robin Diallo about the statements by Donald Trump.

The chargé d'affaires at the American embassy in Port-au-Prince confirmed to the Nouvelliste that the diplomat Robin Diallo was summoned and was received on Friday by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Diallo “Met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday (EDITOR'S NOTE: on Friday, January 12th). We thank the Secretary for an honest discussion and repeat our commitment to a solid partnership between the people of Haiti and the United States," wrote Jeanne Clark in a text message to the Nouvelliste in answer to a question by the newspaper.

The Nouveliste writer has tried in vain since the Trump’s statements to get in touch with the Haitian chancellor, Antonio Rodrigue who, usually promptly returns calls and telephone messages from the newspaper.

IciHaïti - Canada: a Haitian wins an award for writing the best scientific article

The School of Superior Technology (ETS) of Montreal, is proud to announce that Suze Youance, (a student of Haitian origin, who emigrated to Montreal in 2006), and who now holds a doctorate in construction engineering, and is the junior lecturer in the construction engineering department of ETS, received the prestigious Sir Casimir Gzowski medal awarded by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (SCGC).

This honor is awarded for the best scientific article in Canada, following the publication in the Canadian Magazine of Civil Engineering of an article by Suze Youance, on the consequences of earthquakes on hospital infrastructures entitled,  “Effect of Critical Sub-System Failures on the Post-Earthquake Functionality of Buildings: A Case Study for Montreal Hospitals.” Youance will resume her doctoral thesis.

A moving message by Secretary ANGLADE to her parents who died in Haiti

Minister of the Economy, Dominique Anglade, published a moving message last week intended for her parents who died during the earthquake arisen in Haiti eight years ago.

Besides having lost their father, Georges Anglade, and their mother, Mireille Neptune, Dominique Anglade and her sister Pascale also lost an uncle and a cousin during this tragedy.

The Vice Prime Minister paid tribute, on her page Facebook, to the "heritage” left by her parents, but also to the "contributions" of the Haitian nation which "has marked our humanity ".

Here is her message:

"Dad, Mom, age it’s been eight years already since you left us with Phil and Jean-Olivier. Nevertheless, not a day goes by without you occupying my thoughts. Moments of our childhood return to me frequently to guide the decisions of the mother I have become. I reread handwritten letters sent decades ago. Dad, you lavished so much advice in writing to be certain that we grasp everything you meant. Mom, nothing could compare to a phone call to help us make decisions. But especially this unconditional love which we have never doubted Pascale and I. Know that you did not really leave us, as we wrote you already eight years ago. You did not really leave because your values to commitment, your teaching, your writings, your fight for women’s issues and social justice always live through those to whom you transmitted them. And the same debates continue to give rhythm to our daily lives.

That political leaders allow themselves today to denigrate in a shameless way this Haitian nation only reveals their ignorance in the face of the contribution of this country. From the abolition of slavery, the emancipation of black people, the liberation of Latin America, as well as the literary, social and scientific contributions, Haiti has participating in numerous battles which have marked our humanity. Dad and Mom, it is thanks to you that I carry proudly this inheritance. Eternal Love."