Death of Emerante de Pradines Morse

Emerante of Pradine lived almost a century.
Dancer and choreographer, she was one of the girls of Canjo, a very well-known musician during her time. Emerante kept her vitality almost until the very end.
She looked after the Ollofson Hotel with her son.
She loved to tell stories about how she never went out without making her bed. She explained that her father would say, if something ever happens to you and we have to transport you home, we should not find your bed unmade.
She had a first school in Martissant. Then she had a second closer to the hotel. Because she liked walking, Emerante would go to that one on foot.
She taught dance, body movement, and singing. Once she arrived in Haiti, she dedicated herself to primary school education.
She was never able to stay without keeping busy. It was something vital for her.