Death of the anthropologist Rachel Beauvoir

The anthropologist, voodoo priestess and university professor, Rachel Beauvoir, died on Friday, January 5th, in Carrefour, according to the on-line agency Alter-Presse. Beauvoir was the daughter of Max Gesner Beauvoir and the wife of the architect Didier Dominique.
Rachel Beauvoir trained as a cultural anthropologist at Tufts University in Boston, as well as at Oxford University in Great Britain.
Along with her husband Didier Dominique, she is the co-author of "Savalou E", published in 2003 by the International Center of documentation and Haitian, Caribbean and afro-Canadian Information (CIDIHCA), established in 1983, in Montreal.
The book "Savalou E", which deals with Haitian voodoo, received the first prize for "Casa de las Americans" in Havana, Cuba.
She is also an author of "The old cathedral of Port-au-Prince", published in 1991 as well as of numerous articles, on contemporary society and traditions.
As a founding member of the Foundation dedicated to the conservation of Haitian cultural traditions, she was also a recipient of the Jean Price-Mars Medal, of the State University of Haiti.
She was the sole blood decedent of Hounfò of Mariani, which was left passed down by her deceased father Max Beauvoir.
Max Gesner Beauvoir died on September 12th, 2015 in Port-au-Prince, at the age of 79 (in August 25th, 1936 - September 12th, 2015), as a result of a cancer.