Sarodj Bertin survives a fight in the Dominican Republic

Sarodj Bertin took part in a concert by Bad Bunny and Ozuna in an amphitheater in December 31st, 2017 in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
The Puerto Rican singer Ozuna was not able to end his performance because the party turned sour. A fight broke out between participants at the event. Punches were launched and chairs were thrown, and chaos seized the scene, according to the report from the newspaper "Diaro."
In a video which circulated on social media, we see Miss Haiti 2010 running away hastily and making her way into a swimming pool.
Afterward, the actress and television presenter preferred to laugh about it on Instagram: "Yes, it was a great concert, but there was a big fight, and I found an escape!!! The swimming pool,and why not? Jajajajjaj. We have to do what's necessary to keep safe. Thank God, I can laugh at it today."
The former top model said she took herself out of harm's way, shielded from punches and possible injury during the fight. "Obviously I did not want that a bottle or a chair strike me," she explained.
The Dominican newspaper did not reveal an assessment of the injuries or the damage that resulted from the fight.